Plastic molding
Die repair

Our company have setting 2 Cylider Injection Machine which can produce two kinds of materials as one cycle by mainly 2 methods, 2 colors of the same Material method and 2 difference type of material method. that can reduce the processing of injection and assembly process too. Did you required a function of products such as a feeling of grip or the permeability and also needs to reduce Products cost, We have an experience of mold making.and produce this products. Please contact us

We established Mold Making and Maintenance section in Thailand factory. and started the production of Mold making and repairing now. We arrange to use a Local subcontractor in Thailand, our cooperation is started from Mold designed, Mold making untill can produce Finished Product. In addition, about the mold repairing, We can provide our service to repairing even a mold problem raised from other companies. Please contact us